Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday Tech Tidbits October 03, 2017

Exeter High School
Tuesday Tidbits: Technology
October 3, 2017

by Sandy Blanc
Technology Tips of the Week: Google Tasks!

Recently, we had a freshman student request a chrome extension for creating tasks and reminders. I immediately thought about Google Tasks! There is no need to add any extensions because we already have Gmail and Google Calendar and that is all you need! Have you ever used it?
From Gmail- choose the arrow next to “Mail” on the right and select “Tasks”.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 8.46.43 AM.png

You will see a box pop up over your Gmail that looks like this…
Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 8.48.27 AM.png

The + sign allows you to add a task. I recommend adding a “Due Date” then it will show up on your Google Calendar too!

Here is a nice explanation of Google Tasks:

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