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Tuesday Tech Tidbits November 22, 2016

Exeter High School
Tuesday Tidbits: Technology
November 22, 2016

by Sandy Blanc
Happy Thanksgiving!

Technology Tool of the Week:

HSTRY is an online timeline tool for using existing timelines, or creating your own timelines. You can upload images, videos, and insert quiz questions within the timeline to check for understanding. Students can comment and interact on the timeline.
Click HERE to see how Teachers can set up their classes!
New Google Sites is Here!
Google Sites JUST launched its new version. It is still in the works, however, and currently we cannot import our existing site into the new version. WE WILL be able upload our existing websites built in Google Sites in the near future.
Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.10.24 AM.png

Feel free to to go into the new sites and play around. I will attach below a tutorial to get you started.

Teacher Tech Days- Wednesdays!
TOMORROW: No Teacher Tech Day this week! Thanksgiving Break! See you next week!

See the link for upcoming Tech PD!

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