Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday Tech Tidbits April 18, 2017

Exeter High School
Tuesday Tidbits: Technology
April 18, 2017

by Sandy Blanc

Technology Tip of the Week: Sign out of Chrome (not just Gmail)!

It is ALMOST April vacation! We got this!
I have noticed that some students (and staff) may not realize that they are not only signed into Gmail, but they are also signed into Google Chrome as well. It happens frequently that people are forgetting, or not knowing, that they are still signed in and do not sign out. This could leave your account exposed (Gmail, Docs, Classroom, etc.). You want to protect your data and privacy! I came across this article by Alice Keeler, that I would like to share.
The article highlights two ways to ensure you are logged out of Chrome. One way is CNTRL+SHIFT+Q+Q (and Command+SHIFT+Q+Q on a Mac). This is a good practice to teach the students and yourself! See the article above for logging out through Gmail!

Lastly, you can just make sure to sign out of Chrome by noticing the following...

This is a screenshot from Gmail (looks the same on a Chromebook or Mac). When you “log off” using your icon in the right corner, you are ONLY logging out of Gmail, not Chrome!

Using a Chromebook, the lower right corner will have an icon. Press the icon to open the box you see in the picture. In the top of the box click on “Sign Out”.

This signs you out of Google Chrome on a Chromebook!

This is a screenshot from a Mac. You can see two different places I am logged in. One is Gmail, and the other is Google Chrome!

Be sure you log out of both if you are using a shared computer!

How can I use this in my class?

You can demonstrate to your students and have them practice the key command.
They will be practicing the safe way to log off of shared computers!

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