Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday Tech Tidbits May 30, 2017

Exeter High School
Tuesday Tidbits: Technology
May 30, 2017

by Sandy Blanc

Technology Tips of the Week: Changing Permissions in Team Drives and Read & Write for Google

Changing Permissions in Team Drives

A few weeks ago, some of you may have set up a department “Team Drive”. Recently, I went into my Team Drive to change permissions and noticed that it looks a bit different than permissions in a Google Doc through Drive. Please watch the below tutorial to see how to change permissions in Team Drives.

Read & Write for Google

Read & Write for Google is a great Chrome extension for students that may need a little help with typing, writing, or spelling. Read & Write for Google has some great futures for use in Google Docs such as;
  • Speech to Text
  • Word Prediction
  • Highlighting
  • Reading text (and highlighting it simultaneously)
  • Text to Pictures

How can I use this in my class?

Read & Write for Google is used as assistive technology in classes. This tool can help struggling writers gain confidence and push through written assignments. Students can get helpful hints with spelling through word prediction tools, and hear the text being read to them if they have difficulty reading.

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